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  • Please let's cut the idle chatter while announcing games.  Your job as announcer should primarily be the game, not all the trivia being discussed.  Very distracting and annoying to viewers.  The trivia should be reserved for talk shows.  We are watching ... more
  • While I was looking on my9nj to vote for the impact player for this year (never able to find where to vote), John mentioned Batavia ny, Then Michael said Batavia was a beautiful place..I live in the Batavia area and agree, Thanks for the mention...
  • In the latest episode of JCTV, host Jack Curry sits down with dynamic jazz drummer Otis Brown III to discuss the musician's impressive career and his love of sports. Follow us on Twitter @JackCurryYES and @YESNetwork for more. 
  • There are so many images that remind me of Paul O'Neill's career with the Yankees, a career in which he helped them win four championships in his nine seasons. Images of pivotal hits, bulldozing slides, lunging catches and percolating emotions. Watching O'Neill play was ... more
  • I can't stand how much Paul Oneill talks.  Tell him to shut up he states the obvious and it's ridiculous 
  • After a disappointing 2013 season for Yankee minor leagurs, 2014 has been somewhat of a rebound year with Yankee prospects opening some eyes.  So with that said here is my 2014 Yankees midseason prospect list. 1) Gary Sanchez- Despite his early struggles in double-A, ... more
  • In the latest episode of JCTV, Death Cab for Cutie lead singer Ben Gibbard stops by to discuss his success in the music business, his dream of playing professional baseball and his band's unique name. Follow us on Twitter @JackCurryYES and @YESNetwork for more.